Clifford B Sutter, MBA, CLU®, ChFC®

Wealth Management Advisor

Retirement Planning

  One of the greatest risks to a retirement that is often overlooked is the impact of a critical illness.  This can be a double edge sword-affecting the person experiencing the event and those providing the care.  Let me help you in preparing for the longevity risk and the cost of aging.  Please see the explainer video on the impact of Long Term Care.

Mission Statement

I am committed to listening to my clients in order to ascertain their particular financial concerns.  I work with people who are interested in a disciplined and holistic approach to their financial management.   By understanding where they  have been,  where they are now and what  their dreams are for the future, only then can I prepare a detailed financial plan focusing on sustaining a family's lifestyle should there be a life changing event.

Do you know the impact a long-term care event can have on your financial security in retirement?

Often the financial effects of long-term care expenses resulting from an accident, a chronic illness or a cognitive impairment are overlooked.


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